UW Daily Opposes I-985

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Newspapers across Washington agree: NO on Initiative 985!

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Newspaper editorial boards across Washington State are coming out in force against Initiative 985 because of the harm it would inflict upon our communities.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Times, The Stranger, the Yakima-Herald Republic, Spokane Spokesman-Review, Walla Walla Union Bulletin, Tacoma News Tribune, Vancouver Columbian, Everett Herald, Columbia Basin Herald, and many, many more newspapers urge you to vote NO on Initiative 985.

To read excerpts from editorials, check out our newly updated Press section.

Seattle Chamber: I-985 a step backwards

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The Board of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce recently voted to oppose Initiative 985 because the increased traffic I-985 would create isn’t good for our workforce or our economy. Here are a few of the concerns cited by the chamber in its opposition statement:

Negative fiscal impact: The state’s Office of Financial Management estimates that I-985 would redirect approximately $600 million in state funds over five years. This could push the state budget deficit past $3 billion, which runs counter to the Chamber’s longstanding support for statewide fiscal responsibility and is unwise in a time of economic uncertainty. I-985 could also harm the state’s already stretched transit agencies, stripping an estimated $20 million over five years in federal transit funds as a result of opening HOV lanes to all traffic during non-peak hours. Additionally, the new account mandated by I-985 specifically bans the use of its funds for park and ride lots, ferries, buses and rail.

Untenable situation for SR 520 and I-90: The Chamber is playing a central role in the 520 mediation process. Although substantial progress has been made, financing the replacement continues to be an open question. Most finance plans assume more than $1 billion will be generated by tolls. Tolling 520 and not I-90, as this initiative would mandate, could have disastrous results for regional congestion.

Traffic light synchronization: Many cities across the state have already enacted the synchronization mandated by this initiative. Currently, fines from red light violations go to those cities or local jurisdictions. Under the initiative, they would be redirected to the new state “Reduce Traffic Congestion Account.” While this account does allow funds to be spent on synchronization, cities and local jurisdictions that have already installed cameras stand to lose $40 million over the next five years.

 The NO on 985 Coalition is a diverse group of Washingtonians from many different backgrounds fighting to preserve and enhance the Evergreen State’s quality of life.

Governor Gregoire strongly opposed to I-985

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Recently, the NPI Advocate published an interview with Chris Gregoire which included a question asking for her position on Initiative 985. Here’s the governor’s interview with NPI Executive Director Andrew Villeneuve:

ANDREW: You’ve been good about coming out and telling people where you stand on issues; that’s something your opponent doesn’t do. Do you have a position on Initiative 985, the traffic measure – the More Traffic Measure?

GOVERNOR: Opposed.

ANDREW: You’re opposed?

GOVERNOR: Opposed.

ANDREW: You don’t like the idea of opening carpool lanes during rush hour?

GOVERNOR: No! It won’t work! Because it’s this… micromanaging… saying, these hours [referring to the set six hours when carpool lanes will remain carpool lanes]…well, it doesn’t work like that on every road! So what we’re going to end up with is an inability to enforce from a law enforcement perspective – it won’t work – and we’re going to have worse congestion, not better. Worse congestion.

So, it’s a bill of goods, it’s not going to work, and oh by the way, it’s going to steal money from the general fund… which means we’re going to steal money from education, or healthcare, or community safety.

ANDREW: And you’re aware that the initiative actually prohibits spending money on ferries and rail and other [alternatives to highways]…?


ANDREW: I mean, it’s ridiculous.

GOVERNOR: Yeah. Absolutely. So, absolutely opposed.

Initiative 985 would steal money away from underfunded services like our schools, worsen your commute, and lengthen the amount of time you’re away from your family. I-985 is a bad idea. Vote no.

PTA opposes Initiative 985

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The Washington State Parent Teacher Association is taking a stand against Initiative 985 because of its harmful impact to our state’s public schools.

Here’s an excerpt from their news release last Friday:

According to the Office of Financial Management, the initiative could result in as much as $665 million being diverted from the general fund over a five-year period…While some of the 18 board members were empathetic to the need to improve transportation, a significant majority voted to oppose the initiative because of concerns that the diversion of general fund moneys would result in unacceptable cuts to other programs, particularly K-12 education, health care and other programs that are important to children.

Initiative 985 actually does nothing to improve our transportation system. Instead, it makes traffic worse by opening HOV lanes during rush hour and forcing the state to spend a significant amount money on new highway lanes only. Vote NO on 985 and protect your community from the More Traffic Measure.

Tahoma Audubon joins NO on I-985 coalition

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We’re pleased to announce a new member of the NO on I-985 Coalition today: The Tahoma Audubon Society, whose board voted last night to take a position against the More Traffic Measure.

Founded almost forty years ago, Tahoma Audubon’s mission is..

…to conserve and restore ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and earth’s biological diversity.

We strive to involve youth, families, and seniors in the discovery and protection of native habitat throughout Pierce County. We develop and offer year-round, family-based, nature education programming at the Tacoma Nature Center (Tacoma, WA), the Adriana Hess Audubon Center (University Place, WA), and at the Morse Wildlife Preserve (Graham, WA).

We organize and lead field trips throughout Puget Sound and the State. We also work to affect public policy at the city, county and state level to achieve our conservation goals.

The Tahoma Audubon Society’s mission is to conserve and restore ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and earth’s biological diversity.

The coalition against I-985 continues to get stronger by the day. If you belong to an organization that hasn’t joined yet, urge your governing board to take a position against this harmful initiative.

Washington State Labor Council endorses NO on Initiative 985

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The Washington State Labor Council has announced that it is joining the diverse coalition of Washingtonians opposing Tim Eyman’s More Traffic Measure this fall:

Delegates to the Washington State Labor Council made additional election endorsements Wednesday at the 2008 WSLC Convention in Vancouver, including endorsing Terry Bergeson for Superintendent of Public Instruction, supporting several additional state legislative candidates, and opposing Tim Eyman’s Initiative 985, which creates a new government bureaucracy and diverts money away from real traffic solutions.

Initiative 985 counterintuitively wastes our existing money by forcing the state to widen highways and opening carpool lanes to everyone during rush hour. Vote NO on I-985.