The Coalition is a diverse group of Washingtonians fighting to preserve and enhance our collective quality of life.

We oppose Initiative 985 because it would further cripple our already dysfunctional transportation system, moving us backwards instead of forwards.

Traffic congestion already costs our economies, our environment, and our families. We simply can’t afford to make it worse by approving an ill-conceived initiative that will bring us bigger traffic headaches.

Endorsing organizations include:

Endorsing elected officials include: 
  • Dennis Johnson, Mayor of Wenatchee
  • Cary Bozeman, Mayor of Bremerton
  • Ron Sims, King County Executive
  • Carol Moser, former Richland Councilmember
  • Rep. Fred Jarrett, 41st District
  • Rep. Deborah Eddy, 48th District

Endorsing citizens include:

  • Doug MacDonald, former transportation secretary
  • Sid Morrison, former transportation secretary
  • John Stanton, businessman and transportation reformer
  • Denis Hayes, founder of Earth Day
  • Steve Chestnut, past president, Washington Association of School Administrators
  • Mike O’Brien, chair of Sierra Club Cascade Chapter