Initiative 1033 would take sales taxes you pay and use that money to give wealthy property owners a big tax cut

We're all looking for a way forward out of these difficult economic times. Unfortunately, there's a measure on our ballots this November which would trap us and all of Washington State in a permanent recession: Initiative 1033, the latest ill-conceived free lunch scheme from Tim Eyman.

Vote NO on Initiative 1033Initiative 1033 takes direct aim at our quality of life by freezing all public services at their current reduced levels, which would mean job losses in every city and every county across our great state.

But that's only the first part of Initiative 1033.

After freezing funding for services, Initiative 1033 then siphons off the amount that's left and doles it out mostly to wealthy property owners. Today, one hundred percent of your sales taxes goes into our common wealth to pay for essential public services... like schools. Under I-1033 some of your sales taxes will instead be unfairly funneled directly to wealthy property owners in the form of a tax cut.

At a time when we can barely afford to keep our first responders out on the streets and teachers in the classroom, Tim Eyman is proposing a massive freeze on services that would rob billions of dollars from our public treasury over the next five years. Public services would be eviscerated and small businesses dealt a horrible, perhaps catastrophic blow. The sad truth is that Initiative 1033 is a recipe for death on Main Street.

There's only one way to protect our communities from the harm that Initiative 1033 would cause: Vote NO.


Initiative 1033 Kills Jobs

Tough economic times have resulted in significant job losses in both the private and public sector. Unfortunately, Initiative 1033 locks in budget cuts at the state, city, and county levels, trapping our state in a permanent recession and ensuring continued job loss, which would especially hurt small businesses across Washington.

Initiative 1033 Scams Renters

Perhaps the most unfair aspect of Initiative 1033 is that it redistributes the 7.7 billion dollars it robs from public services over the next five years to property owners, with the very wealthy getting big payouts. Homeowners will see very little, while renters will get absolutely nothing. It's a lose-lose wealth transfer, Tim Eyman style.

Initiative 1033 Ravages Services

Under Initiative 1033, library furloughs, pool drainings, and park closures would be just the beginning. Initiative 1033's freeze on services would ravage schools, police and fire protection as well as emergency medical response, greatly weakening our communities and depriving help to people who need it most.

To learn more about the immense harm Initiative 1033 would cause to every community across our state, and how you can become part of the grassroots effort to defeat Initiative 1033, explore this site: